This document describes the Concord Application Developer Interface for inbound web services:


With the latest version of Concord Developer Inbound API developers can use Concord’s fax services by developing applications to interact with our new inbound web services. Developers can now choose from a wide variety of platforms to develop their applications. If you obtained this document via the API installer then these files should have been installed by default in C:\Program Files\Concord Fax Online\IWS Client API\.

We provide sample applications in the following languages:

  • C# VS2008

Our web services are secure since they require transport layer encryption (HTTPS). Note that HTTPS is required.

Table of Contents



Using the Inbound Web Service Interface

Using the Inbound Web Service Interface.

Inbound Web Service Authentication

Inbound Web Service Authentication.

Inbound Web Service Methods

Inbound Web Service Methods.

Inbound Web Service Objects

Inbound Web Service Objects.

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